Brighten Up Your Bathroom

It is summer, so how about letting the sun shine through your bathroom window?

In 2017, the design trend is all about lighter, brighter and airier bath times.

If your bathroom window is meagre or doesn’t get a lot of sun, then you will need to cheat to achieve this look. And of course, at night, you are still going to require adequate lighting.

Which is where badkamer LED spots come in and all the other different types of bathroom LED spots kopen.

Today we want to make your bathroom feel as if the sun is shining – even if the blinds are down and the rain is pouring – and in England that is probably going to be most of the summer!

Badkamer spotjes and other badkamer LED inbouwspots are the perfect answer for discreet lighting up of otherwise dark and shady recesses.

And if it is one place that you don’t want to be left in the dark, it is when you are shaving or applying make-up!

Before thinking about anything else, you should try to ensure that the lighting you are planning on installing will be coming from both above, below and both sides of the room. If you are thinking about the positioning of a mirror, it should be in the middle of all the sources of lighting.

This means the mirror – and then by default, the whole room – is cross lit. This technique helps ensures that there are no shadows and hopefully, no depressing dark circles under your eyes in the mornings! (Or any more than there are supposed to be!)

As you can see, you will need to be thinking of installing more than the mandatory single bathroom light, that you probably currently have in your bathroom.

Even a small bathroom should probably have a minimum of three lighting sources, all pointing in different directions, to ensure the best effect.

This might sound like a lot, but it isn’t really, as some of the side lighting can be very small and discreet, like the recessed badkamer inbouw led spots – these work well in pairs or in groups.

Of course, you don’t have to have all the lights on all the time, but another way to control the amount of lighting you have in the bathroom is to invest in some dimbare led spots inbouw badkamer which are dimmable LEDs built in for the bathroom.

LED inbouwspots badkamer are beginning to appear more frequently in domestic bathrooms, for the simple reason that they offer a greater level of control over the lighting.

The more lights that you have, the more you may want to dim some of them. Dimmable bathroom LED lights which are recessed are the ideal solution to this.

This way you can handle the ambient atmosphere and still be able to shave your legs in safety.

Basically, there are two types of lighting that you need from your bathroom – you need the ability to see properly and clearly whilst performing certain tasks and then to be able to chill out properly in the bath.

You might also just want a very basic lighting, for night times.

This is where light up mirrors and vanity units can provide just enough lighting to see by, in the dark, when you just need to visit the loo.

In addition to the type of lighting you need you then may want to consider the type of lighting you actually want.

Decorative lighting is a new and welcome addition to the bathroom these days. No more does the bathroom lighting have to be, well kind of boring.

Although you will need to check carefully before installing any sort of lighting, bulbs or shades that they are compatible with damp and steam, it is not necessarily a foregone conclusion that you can’t have a pretty pendant light fitting, just because it is the bathroom.

Here, we do advise that you consult a qualified engineer – because unbeknownst to you, your bathroom is split into different zones.

Some bathrooms are so small, that it might not be possible to install the type of decorative overhead lighting that you desire – and need to stick to something safer like overhead bathroom flush lights or perhaps the ever reliable badkamer spotjes.

But if your room does have space, then you could still go ahead and install a pretty pendant light fixture in a zone which does not directly impact into the wet areas.

All told, there is far more choice today than there ever has been – so your decision to brighten up the bathroom is yours and yours alone!


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