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If you’re interested in watching political films, there are a number of different choices available. Here are some suggestions: Get Me Roger Stone, All In: The Fight for Democracy, Medium Cool, and Welcome to Leith. All these films have earned their place among the best documentaries about politics. Check them out and decide for yourself! We’ll take a look at a few of the best ones.

Get Me Roger Stone

A documentary about the rise and fall of a political consultant is a compelling and important piece of nonfiction. Get Me Roger Stone is the story of how Oliver Stone went from a young Republican activist in the 1970s to a despised Machiavellian figurehead of the alt-right movement. This documentary doesn’t hold back in depicting Stone as corrupt and despicable, but it’s also refreshingly honest.

One of the most popular documentaries about politics is Get Me Roger Stone, which is due to premiere on Netflix on Friday. The documentary follows Stone’s life over the course of his 40-year career as a political strategist. The film features shots of Stone’s dandyish suits, his overly manicured hair and his Nixon tattoo. Some critics have called Stone the «sinister Forrest Gump» of American politics, but the documentary is a fascinating look into his world.

The film does not shy away from Stone’s controversy. The national enquirer published a piece outing him and his wife as swingers. It sparked a furor among anti-Stone supporters. The film’s hilarity helped make the movie an instant hit. But the movie also has its share of flaws. Some critics found the documentary a bit too harsh.

All In: The Fight for Democracy

All In: The Fight for Democracy by Lisa Cortes and Liz Garbus examines the history of voter suppression in the United States. Originally, «we the people» meant White male property owners. But with the recent election of a conservative Supreme Court, the phrase has taken on a different meaning. Today, women and people of color are being disenfranchised in an unprecedented way. This film offers a revealing look at why voter suppression is so important.

The film starts by examining the basic principles of democracy, such as the principle of one person, one vote. It shows how democracy is important to all citizens, regardless of political views. However, democracy is not pure, as various elites try to capture it. As Abrams argues, «the pernicious effect of chronic voter suppression is that it convinces people not to vote again.»

«All In: The Fight for Democracy» reveals how voter suppression affects voting rights. It traces the history of such laws, including those passed seven years ago. The filmmakers also provide information on how to vote, and explains how to do so. Ultimately, the film is an important public service that provides a wealth of information. If you have any interest in voting rights, I highly recommend «All In: The Fight for Democracy.»

Medium Cool

As the greatest American counterculture film ever made, Haskell Wexler’s Medium Cool is a must-see. Starring Robert Forster as an ambitious young news cameraman, Medium Cool chronicles the slow politicization of the youth of America. Filmed from multiple points of view, it veers between fiction and reality, examining the underlying mistrust and responsibility of free press. Despite its quiet revolutionary odyssey, Medium Cool remains a surprisingly powerful film that will make you think again about the era it is based in.

Featuring an uncompressed monaural soundtrack, the film’s restored 4K digital film transfer is a joy to watch. The documentary’s audio commentary tracks include director Haskell Wexler and historian Paul Cronin. The two docs share a stylistic style and explore themes of racism and classism in America. Each of the films’ documentaries about politics has a genuinely interesting story to tell.

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Welcome to Leith

The first half of Welcome to Leith is an intensely political film about race in North Dakota. The film’s main character, Cobb, is a white supremacist who has lived in the town since the 1940s. His stance is opposed by local residents, who surveil his property with WWII-vintage flags. The film also shows the repercussions of his racist and xenophobic rhetoric.

The documentary begins with a conversation between a Southern Poverty Law Center investigator and Leith’s mayor, Ryan Schock. Schock, a rancher, has lived in Leith for nearly 30 years. As a result, tensions boil over. A group of locals organizes to save their town from strangers, while others question the mayor’s plan for the town.

The film’s second half focuses on the conflict between Cobb and the town’s black residents. Cobb, a notorious white supremacist, attempts to gain control of his community. The conflict erupts and brings more journalists to the town than ever before. The Southern Poverty Law Center becomes involved in the conflict and argues that blacks and Jews are being forced to live in a «pure white» town.

A white supremacist named Craig Cobb moved to Leith, North Dakota, in 2012, in hopes of attracting like-minded people and taking over local government. The documentary tracks Cobb’s progress over the course of a year, while profiling the local residents who have tried to undermine him. The documentary’s documentary style allows for remarkable intimacy with its subjects, while T. Griffin’s eerie score adds to the tension.

Four More Years

For those who are tired of the same old politics dramas, Four More Years is a must-see. This satirical political drama follows the journey of a young activist in Michigan, who vows to change the world by promoting a democratic agenda. The documentary is well-made and has a strong call-to-action. For those who don’t like the current administration, «Four More Years» is a scathing commentary on corruption in politics.

The storyline in Four More Years is surprisingly upbeat and relevant to the election. It focuses on a movement to amend state constitutions to promote a more balanced system of government. It also reveals the complexities of a largely unknown political campaign. The focus is on Katie Fahey, the founder of Voters Not Politicians, who is an incredibly compelling character. Four More Years is one of the most powerful documentaries on politics to date.

«Should We Have Women in Power?» is a must-see. The film tells the story of Shirley Chisholm, the first African-American woman elected to Congress. She went on to run for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, becoming the first black woman to run for president. This documentary is filled with fascinating quotes from women who’ve made history by speaking out in favor of progressive causes.

The Silence of Others

The documentary film is a powerful examination of the history of fascism and the effects of the era on the victims, including Maria Martin, a six-year-old girl who is accused of leaving sunflowers by the roadside where her mother’s remains are suspected. But her determination to fight fascism and its consequences remains intact. The film is a must-see for anyone interested in politics or social issues.

This film was nominated for two Academy Awards and has won numerous awards. It won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival, two Goya Awards from the Berlin Film Festival, and the Pare Lorentz Award for Best Documentary at the International Documentary Association. It also won Best Documentary at the Goya Awards, Spain’s equivalent of the Oscars.

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The film follows the ongoing legal battle between descendants of the victims of Franco’s dictatorship. The Spanish government has resisted attempts to investigate abuses during the Franco regime, but a lawsuit filed in Argentina has forced the Spanish government to comply with the case. As a result, «The Silence of Others» is a masterpiece of contemporary activism. While the film is intensely political, it is not preachy.

While the documentary is often criticized for its partisanship, it is nevertheless an essential viewing experience. Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar make a compelling case for a film that should be required viewing for all interested in politics. However, critics have praised the documentary for its accuracy. The film’s compelling story and powerful images are sure to make viewers want to see more of the world of politics.

If you’re looking for some great nature-themed TV shows, check out the following selections: Blue Planet, Oceans, Dancing With the Birds, and Hidden Kingdoms. You can also stream some of Netflix’s award-winning originals. Regardless of what topic you’re interested in, you’ll surely find a new favorite show. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it should give you plenty of ideas for future viewing.

Blue Planet

The award-winning documentary Blue Planet explores the connection between humans and the natural world. Starring Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio, this film follows the actor as he explores the effects of climate change and what we can do to help our planet. This award-winning film is packed with interviews with scientists and behind-the-scenes footage from DiCaprio’s 2015 film of the same name.

Blue Planet explores specific parts of the ocean and focuses on different types of species. The documentary ends with an extra episode that describes the impact of overfishing, which is a common practice that results in depleted fish populations and damage to coral reefs and sponges. Streaming clips from Blue Planet can be found on the BBC’s website. You can also view the entire documentary on Discovery Plus. The sequel, Blue Planet II, is even better.

Aside from documentaries about the natural world, there are a lot of animal-related movies, as well. Blue Planet II has a particular affinity for animals. Its subjects are diverse, including barbaric ancient fishing practices, revolutionary photography techniques, and even faking content. The documentary also discusses the role of humans in the world’s environment. This documentary is not for the faint of heart. It is not intended to be a political statement, but to inform viewers of our environment.

Hidden Kingdoms

This new BBC documentary series takes viewers into the world of smaller animals, allowing them to experience their hectic, action-packed lives. Filmed using blue screen technology and special effects, Hidden Kingdoms explores the world from the perspective of the animals. It is a fascinating insight into the dynamism of animal life and the techniques used to capture its scenes. This series will appeal to fans of wildlife documentaries and the natural world as a whole.

In the series, BBC producers use cutting-edge cinematic camera technology to capture the world around these creatures. Although they admit to using a certain degree of fake footage, this hasn’t prevented controversy, and has only increased it. As a result, many viewers are questioning the authenticity of everything they see. Regardless, Hidden Kingdoms is one of the best nature documentaries. You should definitely give it a try.

The documentary opens and closes with a panda, and then explores various habitats in China. Other highlights include golden snub-nosed monkeys, snow leopards, and dragon caterpillars. Michelle Yeoh narrates the documentary. The film blurs the line between man and nature, but doesn’t delve too deeply into the changing landscape of the animal kingdoms.

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While some people may think that these movies are educational, that is not the case. These films have more to do with entertainment than education, and there are many ways to learn more about our world and nature. One excellent example is the documentary Oceans. It follows the five oceans of the world. It starts off with kids running on the beach, but then goes on to focus on the wonderful visuals of ocean creatures. It doesn’t try to teach you anything about Planet Earth, but the scenes showing the voracious battles for survival are truly hypnotic.

Another example of an ocean documentary is «Kim Swims,» an inspirational film by Kate Webber and David Orr that follows Kim Chambers’ solo swim from shark-infested waters to the Golden Gate Bridge. Chambers nearly lost her leg in an accident, but her perseverance and determination to complete this journey proved to be more than enough to make her the champion she is today. This film also teaches viewers the importance of understanding nature and the power it has to heal us.

Another outstanding documentary about the oceans is «Oceans: Our Planet: The Story of Life» by National Geographic. This 84-minute film examines the struggle between species and their environment. The cinematography is amazing, with some sequences that look like they were shot in Starship Troopers. In addition to these incredible sequences, there are behind-the-scenes footage of turtles and monstrous blue whales.

Dancing With the Birds

A documentary on animal behaviour that is not only entertaining, but also enlightening, Dancing With the Birds shows us just how powerful the power of sexual selection can be. While the production doesn’t last for more than an hour, there is still a lot to learn from this one-hour film. The footage is breathtaking, the narration is charming, and the soundtrack is a knockout.

The film narrates Stephen Fry, and is a fun way to learn about the mating rituals of many birds. Some of the birds perform shape-shifting and flash dances to attract potential mates. This documentary also explores the mysterious rituals of some birds that only appear in certain parts of the world. It is 51 minutes long, and narrated by Stephen Fry.

Chasing Coral

«Chasing Coral» is a documentary about coral reefs. It stars a young coral nerd named Zack Rago, who dedicates his life to studying these beautiful creatures. The film is both entertaining and educational, as Rago describes the latin names of the corals that inhabit his saltwater tanks. You’ll be inspired to help save the coral reefs.

This documentary focuses on the rapid bleaching of coral reefs caused by climate change. It is a combination of science and beautiful visual imagery with a strong message. The cast of the film includes an advertising executive turned underwater photographer, a marine biologist, a coral lover, and a brilliant engineer. Chasing Coral is an inspiring film about the importance of protecting the world’s oceans.

The movie tells the story of an unlikely hero: Richard Vevers, a former advertising executive who quit the corporate world to devote himself to ocean conservation. He was disillusioned with his job and decided that the issue of marine catastrophe was more important than advertising. Vevers became particularly fascinated by coral, the colorful invertebrates that make up the backbone of ocean ecosystems. He assembled a team of underwater photographers and researchers to document the bleaching process of coral. When coral polyps release too much algae, they lose their color and eventually die, and if the process doesn’t stop, they could be lost for good.

«Chasing Coral» is a powerful documentary about the mass extinction of coral in the oceans caused by global warming. It’s a powerful wake-up call for all of us, as it shows how the corals are already dying in the oceans. While some climate skeptics may still be skeptical, this film’s vivid images of coral dying will make them rethink their position on climate change.

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