How and Where Can I Sell Video Documentaries?

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As a documentary filmmaker, you want to find ways to sell your work, and earn money for it. Preferred Content has assembled a panel of experts to answer this question. These experts include Josh Braun of Submarine, Annie Roney of ro*co, and David Magdael, VP of content for Newsflare. Read on to learn more about the different ways to sell your film.

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The DocuClub is an online marketplace where filmmakers can sell their video documentaries for a membership fee of $40. The club is looking for films nearing completion that want outside input on their content. In the past, filmmakers with finished products were not interested in soliciting feedback and often dismissed their ideas. But the raw early cuts of documentary films have proven to be popular with audiences. DocuClub hopes to help filmmakers sell their videos and reach an even wider audience.

To encourage filmmakers to sell their films, DocuClub has several features that can help them get a wider audience. The site also features a work-in-progress screening series where filmmakers can share their rough cuts with a wider audience and seek feedback on their work. The site pairs filmmakers with editing and story consultants for feedback. The program will hold screenings in the summer of 2022 and will monitor public health guidelines. Filmmakers must complete their projects before the end of 2022 in order to qualify.

Once your documentary is ready to be distributed, the next step is to find a distributor. Although making a great film is one of the most important steps, finding a distributor is just as challenging. To find a distributor, filmmakers should consider the following tips. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

First of all, find out what networks are interested in your documentary. There are many types of television networks, and each has their own target audience. If you have a rare bird documentary, it will likely be of interest to a public broadcast station or an animal television network, but won’t be as interesting to a national news network. Be prepared to negotiate and agree to a contract, which will include what types of rights you’ll receive in return for your film.

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If you’re ready to sell your video documentaries, there are several places you can start. Netflix has changed the documentary viewing landscape. Since it first opened its doors a couple of years ago, it has shifted to streaming content, no longer mailing DVDs. Instead, subscribers pay a flat $7.99 monthly fee for access. Comcast, DirecTV, and Time Warner have all seen their video business lose profitability, largely due to increased costs.

The main site is a catalogue of full-length documentary films on the web. It doesn’t host the videos themselves; rather, it hosts a catalogue of videos that are categorized by theme. Videos can be viewed on DocumentaryTube through embedding. The site also lists the top 100 documentaries each week. To make your video documentary more popular, you should create a profile on DocumentaryTube.

Before you can sell your film, you should first target your audience. To do this, you can contact NGOs and other organizations that are interested in your subject. Create social media accounts and post updates on production. Countdown your film’s release date on them. Once you have a profile, it’s time to start promoting your film! Remember to upload your documentary to sites like Vimeo and DocumentaryTube.

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Once you’ve chosen the topic, you’ll need to find the best way to tell that story in a compelling way. Using interviews is a great way to get a more authentic message across. Other methods include real-world footage and existing materials. Re-creations may be useful, for example, if your video is about history or an event. The next step is to edit the video.

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There are several ways to make money selling video documentaries online, and one of them is to use a news website, such as the one offered by Newsflare. By using a news website, you can promote your videos to a wider audience, which could ultimately generate more revenue for you. Newsflare pays 50% of the revenue generated by its video partners, and you can expect to receive payments within 24 hours of selling your videos. You can also participate in their revenue-sharing program, which pays based on views.

Another way to make money by selling video documentaries is to partner with media companies. Many of these sites have a licensing program with production companies or major news organizations. The Associated Press is one of those websites, and their licensing of videos through the AP is a great way to get your work seen by a large audience. Newsflare will pay you via PayPal if you are successful selling your video.

If you have a video documentary with a unique concept, consider creating an account with Newsflare. It is free to create an account and upload your videos, which attracts thousands of users. You’ll want to create an account to promote your video documentaries, so that your videos are seen by as many people as possible. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be ready to start selling!

Once you’ve got the documentary made, you can sell it to television networks. Some of these networks pay a fee for these films, so it’s important to research which networks are likely to be interested in your video. If your film is about a rare bird, the audience for that story will probably be much smaller. A national news network would not be interested in it as much. But the niche markets for rare bird documentaries are huge, so your documentary will likely get the attention it deserves.

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While there are many ways to sell your videos on Newsflare, there are some specific platforms that are more helpful than others. One such platform is Jukin Media. The process is relatively easy. After you’ve submitted your video, you can upload it to their pool of customers. Jukin Media customers include The Telegraph, Daily Mail, AOL, Yahoo, Viral Thread, and Associated Press. Moreover, Lad Bible and Newsflare are active in selling videos on their respective platforms.

SVOD platforms

SVOD platforms have been around for a long time, but there are now more options than ever for selling video documentaries. The emergence of popular platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube has paved the way for more online video content. In Europe, many local platforms have launched online video offerings. For example, VIASAT, historically a premium pay television service, now offers TV Everywhere, and standalone thematic offerings to non-subscribers. BSkyB, which launched NOW TV recently, plans to introduce a low-pay offering of films.

For a successful SVOD campaign, a business plan must include an effective marketing strategy. To attract viewers, a strong social media presence is essential. A strong social media presence allows marketers to build a community around their brand. Moreover, social media can also help with free publicity. Paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google are great ways to reach a specific audience. A newsletter that targets your audience can inform them about new content. The marketing campaign should be constantly improving to ensure subscribers stay loyal to your service.

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Another option is to make a documentary film available through an SVOD platform. Many SVOD platforms have a subscription model that allows users to purchase or rent video content. It’s similar to a subscription model, but filmmakers are allowed to sell their video content on a per-view basis, which is more appealing to those with smaller catalogues. SVOD platforms are a great solution for selling video documentaries, but they must be chosen carefully.

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While there are many other ways to sell your video documentary, the biggest platforms are usually the best options for new filmmakers. For example, Netflix is a highly competitive platform, and it is offering exclusive deals to a select few filmmakers. This allows filmmakers to sell their film to a much wider audience and increase their exposure. If your film has the potential to become one of the top-selling video documentaries on the platform, it will be a hit!

Other SVOD platforms are available for selling video documentaries, including iTunes. These platforms offer a variety of subscription models, and some are regional, per-country, or multi-regional. With these platforms, you can choose to sell your documentaries to an audience in almost any country in the world. The most popular VOD platform is Netflix, which began offering DVD rentals and then rolled out streaming video in the early 2000s.

If you’ve ever wondered, «Where can I learn to write and produce documentaries?» you’re not alone. The field of documentary filmmaking requires a strong visual storytelling technique. A background in journalism is highly advantageous for documentary filmmakers, as a background in visual storytelling can make your film much more compelling. In addition, one of the most popular ways to sell your film is through film festivals. Attending film festivals can help you make connections with industry professionals and even get your film produced!

Online courses

Learning to make a documentary can be an incredibly rewarding experience. By taking online courses in the process, you’ll learn how to tell a compelling story, craft an excellent script, and more. Once you’ve got the basics down, you’ll be well on your way to directing your own project. Learn the tricks of the trade from industry experts and get started on your own project! Read on to discover the secrets of documentary filmmaking!

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One of the most comprehensive courses for learning how to make a documentary is Desktop Documentaries. This course breaks the process down step by step with multimedia lessons. It also covers the fundamentals of documentary filmmaking, such as interview techniques and aesthetic goals. You’ll also learn how to translate your skills into paid work with corporate clients. The best part? You’ll have two years of access to the course. You can even download additional resources for reference.

Skillshare offers courses in documentary making for beginners and professionals alike. Whether you’re looking to budget your film or create a short documentary for social media, there’s a course out there for you. In addition to the basics of documentary writing and producing, you’ll also learn how to edit, mix audio, and color grade your work. Once you’ve learned the fundamentals, you’ll be ready to begin producing your own documentaries.

You’ll learn the entire process from idea to distribution, including archival footage and editing. The course includes lectures, scriptwriting, and finance. The course also covers the creative process of making a documentary, from concept to distribution. The course includes downloadable resources and forms that can help you with the process. The course also offers guest lecturers with experience in location shooting, interview techniques, and filmmaking.

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You can learn to write and produce a documentary by enrolling in online courses on the topic. There are a number of free online courses that are available for documentary makers, so be sure to check them out! The more you know, the more you can make your films more powerful and memorable. A hands-on bootcamp is also a great place to start if you have an idea for a documentary.

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Membership organizations

To write and produce effective documentaries, you need to understand the nuances of storytelling. Documentaries are a unique form of storytelling that can be used to increase membership in an organization. Those who want to tell the story of an organization’s mission need to know how to tell the story with art and fact. A good documentary will use a combination of artistic and factual elements to reach its audience.

If you want to make a documentary about an association, there are a number of places you can learn to write and produce a membership organization film. Membership organizations provide a supportive environment for budding documentary filmmakers. In addition to giving you a platform for your work, you will be able to network with other members. To start, you can consider making a documentary about a nonprofit organization.

There are many organizations and training programs dedicated to creating and distributing documentaries about the issues that matter to an organization’s members. Some organizations focus on the issues facing people of color and are working to improve the documentary field. Other nonprofits focus on specific populations or have fellowships to help filmmakers of color. All these organizations have one thing in common: they strive to make the documentary film experience inclusive for people of color.

Classes at community colleges

There are a variety of community college classes that teach students how to write and produce documentaries. You can also choose to specialize in a particular style of filmmaking. In a documentary film class, students will study the different styles of documentaries, as well as analyze the principles of storytelling in various media. This course will help you develop your own unique voice and create a compelling film. During this course, you will be given the chance to make your own short documentary, and even develop a proposal for a future work.

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Another great option for learning how to write and produce a documentary is a certificate program in filmmaking. These certificate programs cover the technical aspects of filmmaking and introduce students to the history of documentary films. Students will also get exposure to the theory and history of the art, and they will learn how to develop an original short documentary film. These certificate programs often include an internship, which will allow students to gain experience in the industry while networking with industry professionals.


If you want to create impactful documentaries and want to share your stories with the world, there are many workshops you can attend to learn to write and produce documentaries. You can also attend workshops hosted by filmmakers, such as Laura Coxson, who has worked on such films as The Proposal, Iris, Graven Image, and The Last Days of a Dead Man. Documentary workshops usually begin with a basic overview of documentary writing and filmmaking, and this one is a great place to start. The workshop will also focus on character development, journeys, and high stakes stories.

The first step of writing a documentary is to find a great topic. Once you’ve identified the subject of your film, you’ll need to figure out how to structure the story and write a pitch that will be able to sell it and get it produced. A good workshop will help you find a location for your documentary, develop an idea, and learn how to write a pitch that will get you the funding and recognition you need to complete your film.

You’ll also need to find a professional who specializes in documentary filmmaking. In addition to a personal mentor, you should look for a mentor. Mentors can provide you with tips and advice. Some workshops are very intense, but will give you the real world experience you need to make a documentary that will gain you industry respect. In addition, the workshops will give you a chance to meet industry professionals, which is a great opportunity to gain valuable experience.

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You can attend one of the workshops offered by the New York Times to learn the language of film production and the skills necessary to make an impactful documentary. The course is a combination of theory and practice, and includes self-prep exercises and screenings of classic documentaries. The final project will require you to produce a 3-5 minute digital doc of your own. It will also prepare you for the post-production process.

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