Short Documentaries That Won Academy Awards or Are Nominated

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Do not let the title fool you. I know there are thousands of great short documentaries on the market, but this list only includes those that have won Academy Awards or are nominated. I’ve listed films here based on the year they were released and when the Academy announced and presented them. Check out my list below to find your next favorite film. Hopefully it will inspire you to make a change. Until then, keep watching.

Do Not Split

The do-not-split campaign was the subject of a docu-film by Anders Hammer. Set in Seattle, the film follows protesters as they fight to keep their rights to speech and protest unfettered. It depicts the brutality of tanks and riot police. The film is a powerful witness to the struggles of the protestors. However, there are some drawbacks to the film’s style.

The film begins with the Hong Kong protests and follows a year-long series of events. The documentary shows the sacrifices of protesters and the backlash of the government, as well as the passage of a new national security law backed by Beijing. The film was directed by Anders Hammer, a Norwegian journalist who follows the protesters on Twitter. The film is well worth watching. It’s important to understand the history of this issue, and the current politics of China.

Journey on the Plain

The only flaw in Tarr’s new film is its lack of a narrative or insisted theme. But that’s not a criticism: the film is remarkably short and is a far cry from Satantango’s lengthy and complex narrative. The simplicity of the storyline is not a fault; the film effectively combines a tangle of feelings into a small package. Even Tarr’s usual composer, Mihaly Vig, provides a surprisingly moving score.

The Fog of War

The Fog of War is a good little documentary. The director, Errol Morris, was inspired to make this film by the book «Wilson’s Ghost.» It was originally planned as a television interview, but when the interview turned into a three-hour conversation, the filmmaker decided to create a feature film instead. McNamara disagreed with Morris’ interpretations and provided 10 new lessons for the DVD special feature.

In «The Fog of War,» Errol Morris takes us on a journey through American history through the eyes of Robert McNamara, former Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam War. McNamara is a smart, articulate, lively, and thoughtful man who served as the nation’s secretary of defense during the war. Despite being 85 years old, he can still reflect upon his life with sober judgment and analytical clarity.

While there are many war films that feature a military story, Morris’ film has the added bonus of being one of the most thought-provoking on the subject. His cinematography is excellent, and his use of Philip Glass’ music fits seamlessly with the images of war. The film is a good example of an intellectually sophisticated documentary. Morris’s film is one of the finest examples of a short documentary today.

The White Helmets

If you aren’t sure what to watch during your free time, you should definitely check out The White Helmets, a documentary about the men who protect civilians from explosions in Iraq. This 40-minute film documents the lives and work of the men and women who wear these protective vests. The film’s presentation is solid, and it’s clear that it’s been shot on a professional production set. There are also a few lower grade camera shots sprinkled throughout, like one scene where they use a GoPro. The film also uses some shaky cam footage, such as one scene where a bomb explodes, which adds to the unforgiving realism of the images.

Another documentary film that’s worth watching is «The White Helmets,» which has already received several Oscar nominations. This film is about the men and women of the White Helmets, and is an Oscar-nominated film by director Orlando von Einsiedel. It tells the stories of White Helmets firefighters, and sheds a light on their personal lives. The film was also nominated for a Best Documentary Oscar, and its release on Netflix is a welcome addition to the streaming service’s growing list of documentaries.

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The Search for Life in Space

If you are interested in exploring the universe and searching for life beyond Earth, «The Search for Life in Space» is a great documentary to watch. This Netflix short focuses on the questions about the universe, life on Earth, and the infinity. The film is incredibly well done and full of great information. There are few practicalities of space travel, but it is an intriguing short. While the film is very esoteric, it will captivate you.

A great short documentary on the search for life in space is «The Hunt for Life in Space.» It shows how NASA’s search for life among the stars began. After all, Mars is more Earthlike than its distant moons, and the search for life on Mars has been the driving force behind nearly every mission since it first began. Today, NASA’s Curiosity rover is exploring Mars’ Gale crater, where scientists hope to find evidence of life there billions of years ago.

The Search for Art

Taking you on a journey through the art world is not a difficult task. Documentaries about art are both entertaining and educational. Some focus on the process of creating a masterpiece, while others explore the work of an artist as it unfolds. Whatever your interest, these films can make the art world come alive for you. Here are some examples of short documentaries about art. Here’s a brief list of some of the best.

The film follows the avant-garde movements of Dada and Surrealism through the roots of World War One. It also reveals the revolutionary search for meaning in nonsense. The documentary follows ‘Pope of Surrealism’ Andre Breton and his ‘inspirational gang’ of writers, artists, and lunatics. In this short film, you’ll discover how the selections of these masterpieces craft the narrative of a museum.

One of the most powerful documentary shorts ever is Samella Lewis: a New Orleans native, she’s been dubbed the «Godmother of African-American art» for her contributions to the field. Her father, a painter-cum-photographer, and mother, Betty, promoted their daughter’s work after she died. The documentary, «Anything is Possible,» premiered on PBS in October 2010 and received a Peabody Award. Following its premier on PBS, it was screened internationally.

The Search for Music

Despite their long history, music documentary films can sometimes frustrate hard-core fans. Thankfully, recent documentaries have tackled less famous artists, like Amy and Kurt Cobain’s Montage of Heck. This style of film minimizes the boredom of straight-up concert films and should be replicated in future music-themed documentaries. For more information, check out our review of The Search for Music in short documentaries.

One way to avoid this is to hire a composer for the film. This option is often more affordable than licensing pre-recorded music. Composers can craft original music to go along with the cuts of the film. For example, Curtis Bryant’s music score for the regional Emmy-winning documentary «Briars in the Cotton Patch» won the Best Original Score category. Another option is to check music libraries for pre-recorded music, as they’ll already have the rights and are an excellent source for sound effects.

While there are plenty of other music documentaries about the lives of musicians, few are as visually arresting as this one. Dig!, by Ondi Timoner, is a riveting portrait of two West Coast alt-rock bands who clashed over money. The band members claim that the documentary overstates the conflicts between the two bands, but it does have some truth. It captures the passion and the ethos of both artists, and is worth a look.

Uncut Gems

If you like the feeling of intimacy in a film, then you’ll love Uncut Gems, the new series from the Safdie Brothers. The films have been nominated for five Oscars, and Adam Sandler has joked that if it didn’t get nominated, he’d just make a terrible one. It’s true that Uncut Gems is a bit dated in parts, but it’s still an excellent watch.

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«Uncut Gems» is playing in theaters nationwide, and the film has been praised by critics and Hollywood industry pundits alike. Many industry observers pegged it as a likely winner of multiple Academy Awards. The film was not included in the Academy Awards, but its critically acclaimed nature has helped it to stay relevant and become a hit. Its success, however, won’t stop its fans from showing their appreciation for the films that have influenced them.

Adam Sandler and Josh Safdie, the duo behind the Uncut Gems series, have teamed up to make another short film. «Goldman v. Silverman» is a comedy about two street performers fighting over tourist dollars. Adam Sandler plays one of the performers in the film, and Benny Safdie co-stars as his rival. The film was screened at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and received a Critics’ Choice Award.

There are numerous prison documentaries out there. We’ve covered prison riots, Rock and a Hard Place, and Tristan da Cunha. But how do you decide which one to watch? Here are a few suggestions for you. And don’t forget to share them with your friends! You’ll be glad you did! Let us know in the comments below! And we’ll update this article with more recommendations soon!

Prison riot documentary

The Prison riot documentary is a fascinating look at a traumatic time in our nation’s history. It shows casual racism in our country and the power of the state to treat people as less than human. While many people might have never considered that racism could exist, the film challenges the very idea of law enforcement. Prisons and their treatment of inmates have long been decried, but this film offers an important lesson. Prisons are still very unjust places, but the film shows how a few brutal incidents can create a culture of fear and distrust.

The film begins with interviews with survivors, prisoners, and journalists. The interviews include family members of the hostages. The film is powerful, and the film reveals the inhumane conditions that many of those who died suffered in that prison. The prison’s inmates suffered from the conditions inside the jails, including having to use a roll of toilet paper every month and only $0.63 per day for a meal. The documentary also features testimony from the inmates caught in the riot and the beatings that followed.

The uprising led to several grand jury investigations, but the PNM administration and the legislature refused to allocate funds to make any changes. Ultimately, a US District Court grand jury ordered prison improvements in November 1979, just two months before the Prison riot. The documentaries filmed during this period help to highlight the impact of the riot on the history of prisons. In fact, many of the witnesses in the documentary cite the film as one of the most important pieces of documentation.

Oswald State Correctional Facility

A new television series about life in a maximum-security prison, Oz follows the lives of both the inmates and the corrections officers in a fictional institution. Its dark episodes explore the darker side of prison life and are sure to make you feel uncomfortable and a little more human. But, don’t get too depressed just yet. The series returns early this year, so you’ve got plenty of time to catch up!

In Prison Break, inmates organize themselves along racial lines and compete for racial control of the facility. Although the inmates are mainly Aryans, there is also racial tension between the prison staff. The film’s title refers to the fact that the inmates are divided by race. The word «gunsel» is a slang term for «bitch» or «punk.»

If you’re curious about life inside a maximum-security prison, watch Prisoners. It offers a rare look at life in a maximum-security facility. Inmates and staff members confront their past and reflect on their journey since the robbery. Oswald’s film also explores the struggles of reintegration after the passage of the early release law. Prisoners also get to experience the joys and difficulties of caring for dogs. Prison staff face danger every day, and this documentary provides an inside look into the workings of a maximum-security prison.

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This compelling prison documentary is the best one-man show on television. It has an emotional appeal that makes you want to see more of it. The series features interviews with both inmates and residents, as well as with the corrections officers. It also includes rare film footage of outside the prison, and is highly recommended. If you haven’t seen Prisoners, you will be moved by the end of the movie.

Rock and a Hard Place

HBO Documentaries released the trailer for Rock and a Hard Place, a new documentary that chronicles the harsh life of incarcerated youth. The film follows a few of these young men throughout their first month of camp and how they cope with the harshness of their new circumstances. This film is extremely moving, and you will no doubt shed a few tears watching it. Rock and a Hard Place looks like an excellent follow up to Ava DuVernay’s 13th.

The film follows the lives of young men in the Miami-Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation Department’s Boot Camp Program, an alternative to prison for youth. Inmates are taught by drill sergeants to learn from mistakes and become more productive members of society in order to lower their chances of reoffending. It’s a sobering look at a world where incarcerated youth are taught that they’ll be better off outside of prison.

While this documentary is well made and interesting, its biggest flaw is its repetitive storytelling. It focuses on pushups and shouting instead of actual conversations, but that’s a minor complaint. It would have been more compelling to see statistics on how many of these prisoners reoffend. But overall, this is an excellent film about the plight of these incarcerated men.

Tristan da Cunha

The world’s most isolated permanent habitation is Tristan da Cunha, a British-run volcanic island located 1750 miles off the western shore of South Africa. Its only permanent inhabitants are less than 300 people. In the first three years of its British colonial history, the island became a prison for Napoleon Bonaparte. But how many of those prisoners have survived? And why is Tristan still isolated?

The island has no social distancing measures and a fine of PS5,000 for violating the quarantine. In addition, visitors to Tristan da Cunha are not required to cover their faces. There are no restrictions on travel or accommodation. Visitors may use taxis, rental cars, and public transport. However, if you do become ill, you’ll need to stay in quarantine until two consecutive negative tests.

Herman’s House

Herman’s House is a documentary about two men who are confined to solitary confinement. Jackie and Wallace are inmates of the California prison, and while they’re both trying to keep their minds and spirits up, they have to work together to do it. The film follows Wallace in his six-by-nine foot cell as he keeps his sanity through an art project with Jackie. The project involves designing a «dream home» for Jackie in New Orleans. While it’s not a feel-good movie, Herman’s House is not about Wallace’s crime, and instead presents an extraordinary portrait of two outsiders who are fighting for peace and justice in their country’s prison system.

The film has a few pungent moments even without the main characters. A scene in which wealthy New Yorkers chat in a scale model of Wallace’s cell is especially heartbreaking. In addition, the movie is quite frustrating because there are very few events. Director Ram Bhalla, a filmmaker with years of experience, followed Wallace and Sumell for several years before stopping shooting before either story was resolved.

The film’s title is a play on the words «Herman’s house,» but it also serves as an artistic expression. Wallace’s art and poetry reflects the struggle he endured for freedom. Despite his incarceration, Wallace remains determined to tell his story. In the process, he meets a new friend named Sumell, who shares Wallace’s passion for art. Wallace reveals his imaginative engagement with the «dream house» and asks him to make it a reality.

The Land Of The Free

The prison industry is a $50 billion dollar business, so it is no surprise that there are so many documentaries on this topic. These films explore how the laws governing the corrections industry are not as fair as they could be. One of the most shocking examples of this is asset forfeiture by cops, which has led to practices that maximize seized money. Another documentary explores the powerful prison guards union in California and its lobbies to protect prison labor by enacting harsh penalties.

In the Land of The Free follows Gianni for two years as he fights for a retrial, and he is plagued by gangs. This powerful film shows how prison life affects prisoners. While prison systems focus on punishment rather than prevention, these films expose the psychological impact of the prison system. The story follows three interrelated characters, each with their own unique experiences, who all struggle with adversity in a society that is designed to provide help but is not always available.

The Land of the Free is a rousing film about the US prison industry, which is plagued by many tragic abuses. While the prison system fails to provide adequate care for its inmates, it limps along morally. It is not easy to watch this film. But it is one of the most affecting prison documentaries available. It is essential viewing for anyone who has ever had to deal with the prison system.

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