Some of the Best Documentaries on the Internet

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There are many reasons to watch a documentary. Documentaries provide the viewer with an inside look at the world around them. They can teach you something new and give you insight into the lives of real people. Hulu, for example, offers some of the best documentaries on the internet. Aftershock is a documentary about two bereaved fathers who deal with real-life heartbreak and the healthcare disparities facing the Black community.

The Girl in the Picture

Netflix’s latest true crime documentary has been causing quite a stir online and is already on the list of the «most watched» movies on the platform. One reviewer even called it the «frightiest thing I’ve ever seen.» The film, directed by Skye Borgman (the director of Abducted in Plain Sight), is a powerful, heartbreaking look at a child abduction that could have easily ended in a tragic death.

The story behind the film is based on reporting by journalist Matt Birkbeck, who has written books on the case. In the documentary, Birkbeck details how a young stripper named Sharon overcame a harsh upbringing to receive a full scholarship to Georgia Tech. Although her father would not let her attend college, she eventually found a way to go to college, despite being a successful stripper. However, there were a few problems with the situation, which ultimately led to her death.

A true crime documentary is not usually a top choice for a movie. This type of documentary usually has a highly controversial subject, but it will certainly stir up debates. Its content has been widely criticized and may not be appropriate for a family with young children. But if you have the time, you should check out the Girl in the Picture. It is worth the watch. The film’s creator has done a remarkable job, and the film’s message is one that many viewers will remember for years to come.

The Girl in the Picture is a disturbing documentary, and its content is not for the faint of heart. However, it doesn’t try to shock the audience; Bergman does not bog the material down with sensationalization. Rather, he uses subtlety to make the documentary more engrossing. The film focuses on macrosystem failures within social welfare agencies, highlighting systemic malfeasance.

Wim Wenders’ «Buena Vista Social Club»

In Wim Wenders’ «Buenavavista Social Club,» a German filmmaker follows the story of the band Ry Cooder. Ry and his son Joachim travel to Cuba and assemble a band of Cuban musicians to record an album. Ibrahim Ferrer and Rubén González are featured in the documentary, and the band also makes a trip to the United States to perform.

The documentary’s visuals are incredibly striking, but the movie lacks structure. Instead of jumping between interviews and live concerts, the film skips between different genres, creating an echo chamber and making the music look harmless. Nonetheless, Buena Vista Social Club is a remarkably well-made film. However, the film’s illuminating documentary elements are more than compensated by the lack of depth and texture.

Director Wim Wenders follows the lives of aging Cuban musicians as they try to make a record. The album was produced by Ry Cooder and is named after a legendary venue. The film’s two halves are comprised of concert footage shot in Amsterdam and interviews with Cuban musicians. While the subjects all tell the same story, there is no explanation provided for what prompted them to perform and record music in the first place.

The soundtrack is one of the highlights of the film. Its vocalist, Compay Segundo, is talking about a chicken neck consomme that is packed with garlic. The legendary singer, who wears a fedora, turns every word he says into art. A great performance film always has a context. If you want to know more about it, check out «Buena Vista Social Club,» Wim Wenders’ 1999 audio commentary.

Ava DuVernay’s «13th»

In this moving documentary, Ava DuVernay explores the history of racial inequality in the United States through the lens of prisons filled with African-American prisoners. As the name suggests, «13th» is a film about racial inequality, but it’s far more than that. The film also examines the history of sexual abuse and prisons as a place of healing.

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The film also draws a parallel between the history of slavery and the rise of the prison-industrial complex. It also explodes the myth that blacks are criminals. The filmmakers used clips from D.W. Griffith’s «The Birth of a Nation» (1915), which chronicles the criminalization of African Americans. In the South, males are often coded as rapists or sex criminals, despite their innocence.

Ava DuVernay’s latest film explores the connection between slavery and the modern prison labor system. The documentary also explores the role of the criminal justice system in sustaining systemic racism in the United States today. And it’s timely, given the upcoming election cycle and the Black Lives Matter movement. If you’re a social justice activist, «13th» should be on your radar.

The 13th features high-profile talking heads, including Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow and legendary activist Angela Davis. Van Jones, a political advocate and live-wire observer, is also featured in the film. Whether discussing the history of slavery or the history of the FBI, these discussions are insightful and engaging. Ultimately, the film offers an important context for the modern world.

Werner Herzog’s «Gates of Heaven»

Werner Herzog’s new book, The Road, is as fascinating as the film. The story is told in a lyrical, fatalistic style that’s reminiscent of German literature. Herzog’s world view is equally lyrical and tragic, and his penchant for putting himself in hostile environments make his memoir an engrossing experience. Though it might be hard to sympathize with Herzog, you will find yourself on his side.

Errol Morris is a good friend of Herzog. When Herzog met him in Berkeley, Morris bet Herzog to finish the film and finish his shoe. Ultimately, Herzog lost the bet, but did finish the film and ate Morris’ shoe. Despite the odd title, the film is a dreamlike documentary about a failing pet cemetery and the questions that surround life and death. It’s also included on the Burden of Dreams Criterion Edition.

Herzog’s commitment to making the film as unique as possible makes the film more compelling. As a filmmaker, he firmly believes that any means are necessary to achieve a vision. In a way, his commitment to filmmaking transforms the very concept of art and filmmaking. His commitment to making the film also inspires others to make their own films. In this case, Herzog has made an excellent example of this philosophy.

The film is a seminal work of German New Wave. Morris had been renowned for his inability to stick to his commitments and had previously worked as an Ivy League science student. He eventually completed the film by begging, borrowing, and even stealing. He even ate a shoe. It is a fascinating film. Its most significant flaw is its lack of a coherent narrative or theme.

Jacques Perrin’s «Winged Migration»

Jacques Perrin’s documentary presents an epic portrait of winter bird migration. Filmed over four years on seven continents, the film reveals the massive physical effort involved in birds’ migration, as well as the dangers they face along the way. «Winged Migration» has been rated as a must-see for anyone who loves nature and watching birds. It is an unforgettable and moving film that deserves to be on your viewing list.

Filmmaker Jacques Perrin filmed over 450 people to create this film. In addition to using a wide range of aircraft, he also became a part of the migrating swarm. «Winged Migration» offers breathtaking footage of birds in flight. For three years, Perrin employed more than 450 people to film the project. The film also features a wide array of close-up aerial shots of birds and their habitats.

While »Winged Migration» shows the incredible endurance of birds and their habitats, it is also a disturbing film. Perrin and his crew staged a stunt goose to frighten audiences, but the reality is far more tragic. The film’s scripted lines sound both melodramatic and prosaic, and it lacks a consistent narrative. The film jumps from flock to flock, often with no sense of direction. Ultimately, it feels like one lifeless collage.

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The film also shows how humans anthropomorphize animals. The filmmakers of «Winged Migration» were able to capture a number of beautiful scenes of birds flying from Africa to the Arctic. Perrin’s crew befriended many of the birds to capture the images, leaving the viewers in awe of the director’s craft. And he doesn’t do this by making a page-turner. Instead, the film follows the rhythm and seasonality of birds’ flights.

There are several excellent documentaries, including «Hoop Dreams,» directed by Michael Moore and shot over five years. It was originally intended to be a television series, but eventually it became an acclaimed feature film. «Shoah,» directed by Claude Lanzmann, took 11 years to make. The film was largely based on Lanzmann’s interviews, since archival footage was unavailable. He explained that his motivation for making the film was to show the Holocaust and prove its existence.


«Powaqqatsi» is an amazing film that explores the hardships of a Periphery society. The Hopi language provides the meaning of the title «Koyaanisqatsi,» which means «life out of balance.» The film highlights the suffering and loss that occurs when society becomes unbalanced, and includes images of children who cry over their parents’ deaths, as well as a crucified worker being carried to his death on the backs of his colleagues at Serra Pelada, one of the world’s largest gold mines during the 1980s. Ultimately, this film shows how a human’s suffering can lead to change and a new way forward.

«Powaqqatsi» is a part of Reggio’s trilogy, which also features «Koyaanisqatsi.» While ‘Koyaanisqatsisqatsi» focused on the development of America, this documentary explores the challenges faced by a native people in a modern world.

This environmentalist film is a masterpiece. Despite the fact that its story is nonverbal, it manages to capture the human spirit in a way that no other film can do. A piece of music called «The Grid» is featured every time the Janitor delivers the Death Glare. Its anthem will be instantly recognizable to fans of The Truman Show.

Powaqqatsi was made by Godfrey Reggio, a filmmaker who had previously worked with Philip Glass. The film shows the destruction and erosion of cultures in the Southern Hemisphere through meditative slow motion. The soundtrack was composed by Philip Glass and the film is the only Golan and Globus release to feature a Phillip Glass score.

The soundtrack of Powaqqatsi is magnificent. The film’s original soundtrack is a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio mix, and is the foundation for the entire film. Although the film is shot in Central Park, the sound is evocative of a landscape where many people live. The film also captures the essence of life among the native people.

Man with a Movie Camera

Among the best documentaries in history, «The Man with a Movie Camera» is self-indulgent and self-absorbed, employing almost every filmmaking trick you’ve heard of since the late 1920s. For instance, it shows individual frames of film, a rare feat in an otherwise highly technical genre. In addition, it is filmed on Agfa film stock, which is a kind of archival tape that preserves the grainy history of its subject.

Dziga Vertov’s «Chelovek s kinoapparatom» is another example of a classic documentary. This Russian film contains mass footage of everyday life in the Soviet Union and scenes of filmmaking and screening. Similar to Orson Welles’s «F for Fake,» this film reflects the life and times of Soviet citizens. And it traces the history of cinema itself through the work of artists and filmmakers.

While many people do not consider a documentary to be good cinema, it certainly stands up to scrutiny. After all, the purpose of a documentary film is to bring real life to the screen. But comparing the different contenders is a difficult task, especially after such an unpredictable election. There are many reasons why a documentary can be good. In general, though, it’s best to keep in mind that this genre is incredibly diverse and can capture an enormous amount of human life in a small film.

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Despite its differences, the two films are strikingly similar. In fact, the only thing in common between the two films is their director and cinematographer. Both films feature a breathtaking score by Philip Glass and a stunning Baraka soundtrack. So what makes them so great? They’re both exceptional examples of documentary filmmaking. And, as a bonus, they’re both among the best documentaries movies of all time.

Michal Marczak’s «All These Sleepless Nights»

A documentary-fiction hybrid set in Warsaw, «All These Sleepless Nights» captures the life of a young man named Kris, played by Krzysztof Baginski. With a unique blend of narrative and non-fiction elements, Marczak recreates the dreamlike feel of being the star of your own movie. Though the story isn’t a novel, «All These Sleepless Nights» makes for an enjoyable watch.

The film, directed by Michal Marczak, is a moving ode to youth set in Warsaw, Poland. The director and cinematographer, Marczak, is wary of delineating the boundaries between fiction and nonfiction, which makes it a delight to immerse yourself in the film. Here’s a brief synopsis:

The film opens with a breakup. Krzysztof’s new apartment is a place of hedonistic pleasure and he goes on a nightly tour of house parties, hedonistic group raves, and parties. This all leads to philosophical musings and a shaky sense of elation. The story moves forward from this point on.

The film’s subject matter is taboo, and the plot is often shocking. Krys, the protagonist, struggles to be loose, while Michal, the heroine, is the embodiment of spontaneity. Both characters strive to live life without worrying about consequences, but the film’s plot often undermines them. The story ultimately reveals the power of a true friend.

The film is gorgeously shot, but it erodes humanity and turns everyone into Malick-style characters. The lead female is heavily featured, and the director, Bob Marczak, has not yet reckoned with privacy issues. Moreover, his filmmakers haven’t reckoned with the privacy concerns. They have created a cinematic fantasy around her and turned her into a mere object.

As with any documentary, Marczak’s camera is an integral part of the film. He made a custom rig that allows him to shoot the film cinematically, and modified a gimbal to fit inside his backpack. The crew also eschewed traditional film lighting in favor of rigged, practical lights that hid the presence of the film crew and embedded itself seamlessly in the environment.

Michael Moore’s «Bowling for Columbine»

In «Bowling for Columbine,» filmmaker Michael Moore investigates the circumstances surrounding the massacre at Columbine High School. As a result of the shooting, the movie is focused on the proliferation of guns, and the correspondingly high homicide rate in the United States. The film also explores the comparatively low homicide rate in Canada, as well as the support given by celebrities such as Charlton Heston to the National Rifle Association.

The film was made just one year after the tragedy at Columbine High School. The film shows how Dylan Klebold and his fellow students were influenced by a gang culture that favored violence. The movie is extremely well-done, but it doesn’t make for the most balanced analysis of the topic. While some viewers may be angry with Moore’s political views, he’s still an incredibly compelling filmmaker, and this documentary is well worth seeing.

The movie’s main subject is the tragedy at Columbine, and many of the events Moore portrays are far different from today. For example, the NRA’s aggressive tactics have become far more extreme since Heston took the reins of the organization. Moreover, Moore received death threats after his interview with Heston, a spokesman for the NRA. The film is not just entertaining; it’s intellectually stimulating, too.

Bowling for Columbine is a documentary film by Michael Moore that explores the causes of unnecessary gun violence and social factors that contribute to it. It is a raucous, impassioned, and tragically relevant journey through the American psyche. If you’re looking for a new movie to watch this summer, the Bowling for Columbine documentary is a solid choice.

While most films about guns focus on American gun culture, «Bowling for Columbine» reaches far beyond the liberal lament about the issue of gun ownership. In fact, the movie challenges many of the commonly held beliefs about gun ownership and the role of guns in our society. It shows that Canadians love guns just as much as Americans and have almost no gun violence directed at humans. In the process, it questions common explanations for why Americans are violent. Despite their bloody history and ease of acquisition, Michael Moore’s documentary questions the relationship between guns and violence.

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