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There are countless Documentary Series to choose from, but the best ones aren’t necessarily the most popular. Some of the best series are about niche subjects, and those can be a refreshing change of pace. For example, some of the most compelling documentaries are about subjects that have relatively low stakes, but are largely infectious. Those with infectious enthusiasm, like Dolly Parton, will likely find niche interests to be the most compelling.

Casting JonBenet

«Casting JonBenet in Documentary Series» is a strange, oddball drama/documentary that ignores the morality of JonBenet pageant contestants and the media exploitation of the murder story. While the cast is primarily young girls dressed in makeup and costumes, there are a few instances of anti-woman bias. For example, the male actors give a pass to the father’s character, while the female actors assume that Patsy did it.

The documentary highlights the personal connections between the parents of JonBenet and the murder case. People who auditioned for the role of JonBenet’s mother and father talk about their connection to the characters, some of them having lived in the area where the murder occurred, and others relating their own personal tragedies to the case. One woman recounts losing three children, while another man woke up one morning to find his girlfriend had died.

«Casting JonBenet» is an oddity, but the film is part of a larger meditation on female performers and community. The movie’s opening sequence, showing Patsy Ramsey calling 911 to report the murder, is not a coincidence, and is more of a meta commentary on the community. The film’s transition into the casting tapes is also unsettling, and makes the viewer wonder what they’re really getting into.

Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb

If you are interested in ancient history, you should check out Secrets of the Saqqara Tomm, a documentary series about Egypt’s Saqqara Tomb. The film introduces a number of fascinating new historical events that will change your perspective of ancient Egypt and the broader history of mankind. The show is an incredible conversation starter for anyone interested in ancient history.

The documentary follows an archaeological team in Egypt as they work to decipher the contents of an ancient tomb. The viewer gets to see first-hand the emotional connection the locals have with this ancient civilization. You will also learn about the lives of a priest who was part of the tomb’s discovery. Afterwards, you’ll get a glimpse of his life, his family’s deaths, and the tomb’s secret secrets.

If you want to know how Egyptian archeologists discovered the tomb and uncovered its ancient secrets, you should watch the two-hour Netflix documentary, «Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb.» This two-part series features an all-Egyptian team that excavated the tomb, revealing ancient history to the public for the first time.

While the series is a true adventure, the film also highlights the personal connections that exist between archeologists and the people they have worked with. For instance, director James Tovell captures the ecstatic joy of the archeologists when they find a new discovery, as well as the deep bond between the team members and local Egyptian villagers. And while most ancient history documentaries focus on the past in an «Indiana Jones» fashion, Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb shows the real process of digging. This enthralls viewers with the excitement of the dig as it unfolds and makes them feel as though they have been there.

Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool

This documentary features archival photos and never-before-scene footage of the iconic jazz singer. With the help of archival footage, the film captures the life of Miles Davis in all its glory. Watch this film to learn about one of the most influential musicians of all time. You’ll never forget this inspiring film! It’s recommended for jazz and pop music lovers alike. What makes Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool so captivating?

Born of the Cool is a fascinating biopic about jazz great Miles Davis. The film chronicles the evolution of his music styles. The voodoo priest of acid jazz, Miles Davis studied everything from classical Indian music to funk. For instance, on his landmark album «On the Corner,» he mixed sitars with funk. The voodoo priest of jazz’s sex revolution became an influence on Prince. Even today, hip-hop and electronica music are influenced by Miles Davis’s music.

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The album’s release was a milestone for jazz, and it marked the beginning of the great musician’s recording career. This album was Miles’ first collaboration with Gil Evans, and it marked the start of Miles’s «cool jazz» movement, the opposite of the mainstream New York jazz of the time. However, Miles Davis struggled with addiction and depression for a long time. Even when he was clean, he’d relapse on drugs and alcohol.

Dolly Parton’s story

Dolly Parton’s story in the most compelling documentary series has been a long time coming. The country superstar began writing songs in 1966 and has had a fascinating relationship with politics. While she wrote the anthem for working women, «Dumb Blonde,» and was a central figure in the new labor union, she has avoided answering questions about her political stance. The press blasted the film and Parton’s business conglomerate decided to remove the «Dixie» word. While Parton is not a politician, her political views are often contradictory.

Dolly Parton: Here I Am, a Netflix documentary, examines the artist’s life and her music. Director Francis Whately (Finding Fame) used Parton’s biggest hits to tell her story, and interviews with her friends and not-so-famous backing musicians fill in the gaps. The film is well-produced and feels right in the heart. And it’s the right documentary series to watch at this moment.

Dolly Parton’s story in the most compelling documentary series follows the singer’s rise to fame and stardom. Parton’s childhood in Catons Chapel outside of Sevierville led to her success at the Grand Ole Opry, Carnegie Hall, Caesars Palace, and many other venues. In this nine-episode documentary series, she talks about her smothering relationship with Wagoner, which ultimately led to the writing of «I Will Always Love You» as her farewell song.

Dr. Larry Nassar’s abuse of USA Gymnastics team

As a physician, Dr. Larry Nassar’s abuse of the women on the USA Gymnastics team is shocking. Not only did USA Gymnastics ignore complaints when they first came in 1998, but the FBI also failed to act quickly in investigating the cases. The scandal also has implications for elite gymnastics, which has a long history of fostering abuse. The US Olympic Committee has opened the US Center for SafeSport to deal with abuse reports and provide education to 49 Olympic governing bodies. The abuse was first reported by the Detroit Free Press.

For more than a year, Nassar denied the accusations and claimed he was performing legitimate medical procedures. However, he pleaded guilty to ten counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. In addition, he pled guilty to tampering with evidence, which led to the arrest of USA Gymnastics CEO Steve Penny. The charges were brought against Nassar and the USA Gymnastics organization, and the former doctor has since resigned from his position.

In addition to his crimes against the USA Gymnastics team, Dr. Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse of gymnasts took place not only in Texas but also in Michigan. He abused girls while serving as an athletic trainer on the USA Gymnastics team, and even volunteered at Olympic trials. He systematically sought situations where he could touch girls. As a result, Nassar is currently serving time in a prison, the Coleman II U.S. Penitentiary, where he was transferred after his arrest in Tucson.

Dolly Parton’s defense of Bill Cosby

Dolly Parton’s defense of Bill COsby in the best documentary series is an impressive feat. The series takes a detailed look at the dozens of sexual assault allegations against the famous comedian. Bill Cosby is a man once regarded as a hero and an entertainer, but his fall from grace is well documented. He has been convicted of three counts of aggravated sexual assault, and now, he must face the consequences of his actions.

Dolly Parton’s «Vintage Tour» is coming to an end mid-month. She’s in talks to return to the hit sitcom Reba. If the script for this series is finalized, filming could begin as early as January. She will also be working on the Broadway version of 9 To 5.

«Dolly Parton’s Defense of Bill Cosby in the Best Documentary Series» is an emotional and important story. Dolly Parton’s powerful voice, innate love of country music, and genuine devotion to her family make the series an important watch. She rises 11 spots on Business Tennessee magazine’s list of the 100 most powerful Tennesseans.

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There are many great history documentaries, but which ones should you watch? Here are some must-sees for history buffs. These films cover a variety of topics, including the Holocaust, the Civil War, and the American Revolution. Each of these movies tells a story of a historical event or period in time in a compelling manner. The following list is not comprehensive, but should serve as a starting point for your search.

Ken Burns

There are many reasons to watch a Ken Burns history documentary. From his work on the Civil War to his recent film The Grand Tour, he’s a master of historical documentary. His work is often harrowing but always fascinating. You can learn something new from each of his films. His passion for history shows in his films. The best of these are based on personal interviews with historical figures. You’ll enjoy all of them.

Some of Ken Burns’ most famous work is the Brooklyn Bridge, which he directed in 1981. His acclaimed history documentaries include The Civil War, Baseball and Jazz, The Roosevelts, The Vietnam War, and Country Music. His current projects include a film on Leonardo da Vinci, the Holocaust, and the United States. These films are accessible online and are available on PBS. There are more than 900 hours of Ken Burns’ documentaries available, so you’re sure to find a topic that you’re interested in.

One of Burns’ most popular documentaries is The Civil War, which was the highest-rated show in the history of American Public Television. The series, which first aired in 1990, attracted an audience of 40 million viewers. Reviews were glowing and the Washington Post dubbed it ‘heroic television’. Nonetheless, the film’s sweeping scope is too great to be overlooked. Those interested in history should check out all of Burns’ films.

David France

The AIDS epidemic is a major topic in the news these days, and David France is a journalist who has chronicled this situation for over 30 years. France first covered the epidemic in 1981 for The Village Voice, and his writings have appeared in The New Yorker, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, and GQ. His work has inspired feature films and earned him numerous nominations for Writers Guild of America awards and Peabody Awards.

The director David France has worked on a number of history-related projects, including the AIDS epidemic, but this is his most compelling work yet. He has also produced a number of other highly-acclaimed documentaries, including the Oscar-nominated How to Survive a Plague. For his latest work, France documented the state-sanctioned purge of gays and lesbians in the Chechen Republic. France’s film utilizes face-morphing technology to hide the identities of the victims, but his story is one of survival, despite the high human stakes.

David France’s first history documentary, «How to Survive a Plague,» won a Special Jury Award at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, where it premiered. In the Berlinale, it was awarded the Panorama Audience Award, and was nominated for a Peabody Award for its documentary editing. It has also received the Seigenthaler Prize from the RFK Human Rights Institute. The film has also been nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards.

Joshua Oppenheimer

The film, «The Act Of Killing,» by Joshua Oppenheimer, was released during the 2012 Telluride and Toronto film festivals. It is an extraordinary documentary that was the product of nearly a decade of research. It is a disturbing look into the world’s dark history. You’ll be horrified by the events depicted in this film, and you’ll wonder what the world would be like if those people were no longer around.

The Look of Silence, by Joshua Oppenheimer, follows «The Act of Killing» in a series of compelling films about the 1965 Indonesian genocide. Armed civilian militias executed up to a million Indonesian citizens, most of them of communist ethnicity. Oppenheimer meets with survivors and witnesses to confront the men who killed their brother, and his journey to understand the horrors of genocide will leave you stunned.

In «The Act of Killing,» the filmmaker revisits the horrors of the 1965 Indonesian genocide, when the Indonesian military massacred more than 500,000 people. This history documentary was nominated for an Oscar, won a BAFTA, and was even awarded a MacArthur «Genius Grant.» The film also catalyzed permanent change in Indonesia. But be warned: this documentary is not for everyone.

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Errol Morris

If you’re a fan of Errol Morris’ work, you’ll want to watch this must-see history documentary. The film is a compelling story of the man who changed the course of American history with his films, including Mr Death, Mister Death, and ‘The Thin Blue Line’. In fact, you might have already seen his award-winning series on cable television. The documentary’s first chapter focuses on his controversial release from prison of convicted murderer Randall Dale Adams. The film combines an investigative spirit with a sense of candor to tell the story of an innocent man who was framed and imprisoned for a crime he did not commit.

The Fog of War is another film by Errol Morris that will blow your mind. This biopic on the former Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara, makes some eye-opening revelations about the perils of nuclear war, and reflects on the ramifications of those decisions. Although the film features only interviews with McNamara, it does include archival video footage. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary, and it deserves to be on your watchlist.

Made in America

One of the must-see history documentaries is «Made in America.» The ten-part series directed by Oscar-winning writer/director Oliver Stone looks back on human events that shaped our country and influenced our political system. It covers events in the 20th century and during the Cold War. This series is riveting, in-depth, and shocking. You can check out Episode 10 before purchasing the documentary.

Other must-see history documentaries include «Hoop Dreams» and «Bowling For Columbine.» This social movement documentary examines the struggles of inner-city blacks. Both of these films use hard-hitting emotions and social commentary to tell their stories. Spike Lee’s film will make you rethink your views on the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement. If you’ve never seen a documentary about the Civil Rights Movement, you should definitely check it out.

«Nina Simone» will take you through the legendary singer and civil rights activist’s life. This film features previously unseen footage of Simone and interviews with her family members. It’s a must-see for music fans, too. If you’re interested in the lives of women in the United States, this film will provide some insight into her life. Make sure you see this film to understand the role women played in shaping the country’s history.


«Honeyland» follows a middle-aged woman who lives alone in a Macedonian village. She harvests honey using ancient sustainable methods and lives with her blind mother. Her mother is her sole source of income, and she’s the last of her kind to live in a community without electricity. The documentary follows Hatidze’s life and provides insights into the challenges of living in such a remote area.

As a viewer of the documentary, you’ll understand why the filmmakers spent four months researching and watching footage. Though there’s no voice-over narration, there is enough information to keep you interested. In addition, the visuals tell the story. This film won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary Feature at the Sundance Film Festival, which is a good sign. If you’re interested in this era’s history, you’ll want to watch «Honeyland» to understand what’s happening in this region.

«Honeyland» is an incredible documentary about ancient beekeeping. With stunning cinematography and beautiful landscapes, this film is a must-see for anyone interested in history. And if you’re in the mood for a history lesson, try to schedule a date with your family to watch Honeyland. The film’s soundtrack is equally beautiful. Honeyland is an excellent choice to watch with family and friends.

O.J. Simpson

For those who want to learn more about the controversial case of O.J. Simpson, you must see this history documentary. It revisits the events surrounding his acquittal from the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and his infamous crime. It uses more than 70 interviews to explore the facts and truths of the case. Not only does it offer new insight into the Simpson case, but it also sheds light on the history of race relations in America.

The People vs. O.J. Simpson documentary takes us through the strategy that led to the acquittal of Simpson. Robert Shapiro figured out how to use race to a jury of mostly black people. He used Johnny Cochran’s repeated attempts to make the race issue a focus of the trial. The documentary also features interviews with legal legends Carl Douglas and Robert Shapiro, who talked about the trial and the legal dream team that worked to acquit Simpson.

O.J.: Made in America is the latest history documentary to premiere on ABC. Critics have praised the film for its in-depth coverage of the case. It follows Simpson’s life from childhood to the trial, and explores the racial context of the trial and the relationship between Simpson and Nicole Brown. The film also delves into the history of police brutality against African Americans and other minorities in the United States.

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