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Aside from revealing some of the most interesting personal stories, real-life documentaries are also great for inspiring viewers. For instance, Walter Mercado, the Puerto Rican television personality who gave positive vibes and astrological analysis on Univision, was a recluse who spent his time alone. This documentary tells the story of this reclusive, formerly famous entertainer and shares his life philosophy. It is a fascinating insight into a reclusive culture icon and will surely inspire viewers who are seeking to live an extraordinary life.

Grey Gardens

The film Grey Gardens, produced by Albert and David Maysles, is one of the best reallife documentaries ever made. The documentary explores the private lives of the Beales, who were a wealthy, prominent family in East Hampton. When the film was first released, critics slammed it as shameless voyeurism. While the practice of filmmaking by the Maysles brothers led to accusations of exploitation, the film is still considered one of the most important real-life documentaries.

As an art house film, Grey Gardens has had limited box office success, and the film has yet to break even. It cost almost half a million dollars to produce. Criterion and Masters of Cinema, the film’s distributors, have not released any current sales figures. If you are curious about Grey Gardens’ box office performance, consider the following facts:

Dick Johnson Is Dead

Kirsten Johnson stages her father’s death in ingenious and comical ways. This film is a delightful homage to Johnson’s father and a must-see for fans of witty comedies. Here are the best scenes from the movie:

In «Dick Johnson Is Dead,» Kirsten’s father, Dick Johnson, dies and her daughter, Kirsten, decides to make a documentary about his life. She hoped to make the film to get through the grief that accompanied her father’s death. This documentary shows the many ways in which Dick Johnson could die, from a gunshot wound to hitting concrete. While the film is incredibly heartbreaking, viewers should be aware that Dick Johnson was a flawed human and would make mistakes.

«Dick Johnson Is Dead» explores taboo subjects such as aging and dementia. The film explores how far a movie can stretch and what it can accomplish in the process. It also shows how much power a film can have — and how much power it can have — over those who watch it. Kirsten Johnson, Dick’s daughter, takes the film in a unique way, capturing the nuances of his personality through her own storytelling.


The story of Marjane Satrapi is captured in the graphic novel adaptation Persepolis, a true story about an Iranian girl growing up during the Islamic Revolution. Persepolis tells the story of Marjane Satrapi and how she struggles to grow up in a country where women are expected to wear the burqa, a long black robe. The film’s unique style of animation closely follows the format of a graphic novel.

The film’s presentation is largely in black and white, like a graphic novel. Satrapi explains the reason in a DVD bonus feature. She wanted the characters to look Iranian. While the film uses color for present day scenes, portions of the historical narrative are rendered in shadow, similar to a shadow theater performance. Perseprod studio, along with Pumpkin 3D and Je Suis Bien Content, created the film.

One of the most powerful moments in the film is when Marjane Satrapi talks to the director. She discusses the nuances of her story with him. She tells the story about her childhood, her career, and the future. The documentary also includes scenes of a recent trial in Iran where a judge ruled that she should be executed in jail for attempting to expose the Iranian regime.


Until recently, the real life documentaries produced by ESPN’s 30 For 30 series were often overshadowed by Netflix’s UNTOLD series. Now, this streaming service has come to the rescue with a series of stand-alone documentaries. The Netflix series has been a consistent source of excellent entertainment for audiences everywhere. In «Untold,» we’re given the inside scoop on what happened behind the scenes of one of the most iconic fights in NBA history.

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Abducted in Plain Sight follows the story of a teenage girl murdered in 1982 and the father of her kidnapper two decades later. Kalinka Bamberski was a 14-year-old girl who was killed by her stepfather. Her murder has been ruled a suicide, but her father has spent the last 30 years pursuing justice. During his investigation, he uncovers the truth about her stepfather, Dieter Krombach.

«Shoah» follows the life of internationally acclaimed choreographer Pina Bausch, who died in the early days of documentary filmmaking. The film is shot in gorgeous 3D and is unlike any other dance performance. The result is an inspiring biographical document about one of the most creative minds ever to grace the screen. The film is also a dazzling celebration of the human body. If you’re looking for a compelling real life documentary, look no further.

Miss Americana

Taylor Swift’s meteoric rise to stardom is the focus of Miss Americana, a new documentary. Though she is still a teenager, Swift is already well-known for her politically-charged lyrics and her comments about Kanye West. But for those who don’t know her, the film will provide fresh content about her rise to fame. It also shows Swift’s shrewd business sense, as she hires people to help her plan her schedule years in advance.

Taylor Swift, aka Miss Americana, is the subject of a documentary film that premieres on Netflix on January 31, 2020. It is directed by Lana Wilson and produced by Tremolo Productions. The film is titled after Swift’s protest song. It’s also an entertaining watch for fans of the pop star, who are eager to learn about her personal life and career. It’s an unfiltered and honest look at one of the most influential people in pop culture today.

The documentary also features an impromptu interview with Taylor Swift, who fought against former radio host David Mueller during a VMAs backstage meet and greet in 2013. After winning the lawsuit, Taylor Swift publicly attacked the Tennessee Republican senator, Marsha Blackburn, for her anti-gay policy. But Swift didn’t let her anger affect the interview, instead choosing to express it through her music.

Surviving R. Kelly

A new documentary series has shed light on accusations of sexual abuse against R. Kelly. In 50 interviews, the victims reveal details of R. Kelly’s exploits. While he has been celebrated as one of the greatest R&B singers of all time, rumours of abuse, paedophilia and predatory behaviour toward young women have dogged his career. This documentary series is the first to examine these allegations, and reveals what he did to young women to cause them harm.

In «Surviving R. Kelly Part II,» new survivors, supporters and legal experts share their stories. The film’s first half, «The Reckoning,» aired on Lifetime on January 3 at 9 p.m. ET. The second half will air on Friday and Saturday, January 4 and 5, at 9 p.m. ET. In Part II, the documentary will feature interviews with new survivors and support groups. The film also explores the reasons why some of the victims have yet to speak out.

Operation Varsity Blues

This documentary is about how universities and their admissions committees exploit loopholes to increase their students’ chances of getting into Ivy League schools and other elite colleges. It shows how William Rick Singer rigged standardised tests and coached his students to pass as top athletes in sports they never played. This documentary explores the impact of the college application process on families and inequality.

This documentary focuses on the rigged college admissions process that perpetuates socioeconomic and racial divides in higher education. The film exposes the hypocrisy of universities, which claim to provide a level playing field but are actually instigating a culture of discrimination that disproportionately excludes members of the lower socioeconomic groups. Operation Varsity Blues is one of the best reallife documentaries, but the story is far more complicated than its title suggests.

It reveals a dysfunctional educational system in the United States and reveals that income is still one of the most important determinants of future education. One man, Rick Singer, used this system to his advantage and turned on as many of his clients as he could in order to lighten his own downfall. His recent relapse raises questions about his motives and his current state of mind.

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Joe Goldberg

In this series, a young man from Chicago reveals the stories behind his real-life encounters. Using his own experiences as backdrops for the documentaries, Joe Goldberg has managed to make the most unlikely stories into riveting drama. In his debut series, «RealLife,» he follows a man whose life is shaped by the choices he makes in order to achieve success. As a result, he has become a beloved and well-known documentarian.

The first real-life story in this series involves a man who is obsessed with his good looks and is obsessed with wooing a beautiful woman. However, despite these disturbing revelations, Joe Goldberg remains the perfect man. As his love interest’s bookstore manager, he saves her from a subway crush, steals her dirty underwear, and locks her boyfriend in a Plexiglas cage. However, his sexy persona, coupled with his savage past, make the series both incredibly sexy and disturbing.

In one episode, Joe tries to seduce an ex-girlfriend and kills her. Love, however, catches Joe with a neighbor, Natalie Engler, who is married and tries to seduce him. Meanwhile, Love tries to figure out Joe’s obsession when she attends a dinner party with Henderson. She kills Natalie and calls Joe to cover up her crime. Then, Joe gets the chance to confront his ex-wife.

There are many good Netflix original documentaries, but which ones should you start with? We’ll talk about Man on the Moon, Seaspiracy, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness, Pray Away, and Cecil Hotel. Each is well worth a viewing, and we’ll give our own recommendations for the best documentaries on Netflix. After you’ve watched these, you’ll have a better idea of which Netflix documentaries are worth checking out.


If you’re not familiar with the movie, it’s about the environmental impact of fishing. Directed by Ali Tabrizi, Seaspiracy will examine human impact on the oceans and ultimately advocate for the end of fish consumption. Watch the trailer for the 2021 documentary to learn more about it. If you like documentaries about environmental issues, Seaspiracy is for you. This is a movie you won’t want to miss!

Although it starts off as a nature documentary, Seaspiracy soon evolves into a documentary about commercial fishing. Hidden cameras are used to expose illegal fishing markets and the corruption, slavery, and fraud that fuel these businesses. This documentary is well-paced and moves from Asia to Europe and even the U.K. without losing its sense of urgency. The message is clear: people need to protect the oceans and stop these businesses from ruining our planet.

While Seaspiracy premiered on Netflix less than a week ago, the film has already garnered attention in many countries. It has also prompted criticism of the seafood industry on social media. Although the film has received mostly positive reviews, it has sparked criticism from many groups, including environmental organizations, academics, and seafood industry groups. In addition, some media outlets have fact-checked statements made in the film to make sure they are accurate.

If you’re a fan of documentaries, you’ll want to watch the Netflix documentary Seaspiracy. The hour-long film explores the damaging impact of water-related activities on the ocean. Its narrator, Ali Tabrizi, is an ocean lover who discovered how widespread human activity is responsible for destroying sea life. In the process, Ali Tabrizi discovers the impact of human activity on the world’s oceans.

Man on the Moon

The man on the moon is a biographical comedy-drama film from 1999 about the life and career of American comedian Andy Kaufman, played by Jim Carrey. It was directed by Milos Forman and stars Jim Carrey as Kaufman. The film also stars Courtney Love, Paul Giamatti, and Danny DeVito. Forman’s documentary has a unique blend of historical footage and contemporary interviews with the star, which makes it an unusual and fascinating watch.

Man on the Moon is a biographical movie about the late comedian Andy Kaufman, the self-proclaimed Intergender Wrestling Champion of the World. It stars Jerry Lawler, who plays the role of himself. The movie starts before the late comedian applied to NASA and ends after his return to the lunar surface. This is a good Netflix original documentary because it will give you an inside look at a man who became a legend in a matter of months.

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If you love documentaries with a human story, this is a must-see Netflix original documentary. The last man on the moon was a man named Gene Cernan. This is an inspiring film about the last man to walk on the moon, and a fascinating biographical story. It’s also a good choice for people who are interested in history and science. Aside from Cernan’s life, you’ll learn about NASA’s missions and other achievements. It will make you want to learn more about the history of human space exploration.

In addition to being a good Netflix original documentary, you can also find docuseries and features on the service. These two options are often blurred. However, Netflix original documentaries are the best option for anyone who wants to learn about the world around them. With the Netflix original documentary series, you’ll be able to learn about new subjects without leaving your couch. You’ll feel like you’re getting the best of both worlds — a good documentary and an educational film.

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness

A documentary about big cats, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, And Madness is the perfect pick for anyone looking to learn about the industry’s problems. Developed from a five-year journey, this seven-part series documents the rivalry between a private animal park owner and a big cat rescue CEO. Filmmaker Eric Goode documents the antics of Joe Exotic, who owns a park in Oklahoma with over 200 big cats. The story follows Joe Exotic’s fight against Carole Baskin, the CEO of Big Cat Rescue, who is dedicated to shutting down exotic cat parks.

While the movie may have started out as a’message’ film, it’s now a series filled with wild characters and unreality. With its giant-sized cast, savage crimes, and unbelievable plot, Tiger King is a must-watch for those looking to get a glimpse of capitalism’s dark side. If you want to see the story behind the tiger king, you can watch it on Netflix.

Pray Away

Netflix’s latest original documentary is Pray Away. This film explores the opposing side of the gay rights movement. It’s expected to trigger many conversations, as it details the stories of evangelists who preached against the LGBTQIA+ community. Some of them even denied the existence of homosexuality and pushed a narrative that homosexuality could be reverted through conversion. Others, like the evangelists interviewed in the film, were themselves a part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

While «Pray Away» is an excellent Netflix original documentary, it falls flat on some levels. For example, it does not deal with the reasons why many people in the LGBTQ community hate themselves, but its access is impressive. In addition, the lack of depth and a desire to get beyond the conversion movement’s practices stifles the film’s core message: religion-based ex-gay convictions continue to flourish, despite the demise of such groups.

While «Pray Away» may have been a misguided true crime, it’s a compelling documentary nonetheless. It takes a look at Christian gay conversion therapy, also known as «praying away the gay» movement. Kristine Stolakis interviews leaders of this movement, which is gaining global attention and banishment. The method is deeply destructive and attacks the mind with religious doctrine.

A new trailer for Netflix’s new original documentary «Pray Away» has been released. The documentary follows the survivors of conversion therapy and former leaders of the anti-gay movement. Stolakis’ films are renowned for exploring power, politics, and prejudice. It will premiere globally on August 3 on Netflix. You can watch the trailer below. You can watch Pray Away anytime, anywhere.

The Ripper

A new series on Netflix, The Ripper, explores the murders of the Yorkshire ‘Ripper’ in the late 1970s. The Yorkshire Ripper case cast a dark shadow on the northern England in the late 1970s. Several witnesses and investigators have recalled the grisly crimes. But the real mystery remains. Can Netflix revive the case? It is a compelling mystery that has captivated millions of viewers.

The Ripper is a crime documentary about a serial killer. Initially titled Once Upon a Time in Yorkshire, the documentary has a controversial title. Surviving families have asked Netflix to change the title, saying the film should focus on the victims, rather than the killer. They believe that using the term «Yorkshire Ripper» is offensive, contributes to the cult of celebrity surrounding the case, and glorifies the crime.

The Yorkshire Ripper was a serial killer who killed 13 women over the course of five years. During the investigation, the police were unable to catch the serial killer, and each man was a suspect. Sutcliffe was eventually jailed for twenty life sentences after being found guilty of thirteen murders. The Ripper on Netflix will revisit the police investigation and tie it to the context of the ’70s England. Deindustrialization, poverty, and radical change all played a role in the Ripper’s escape from capture.

A true story, The Ripper on Netflix explores the true events surrounding the Yorkshire Ripper’s murders. It’s the largest police manhunt in British history. The four-episode miniseries includes interviews with survivors and family members of the victims. The Ripper on Netflix is a compelling and well-made documentary that’s sure to capture your attention. If you’re curious, you’ve probably already been searching for it.

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